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How to Select a School Assembly Speaker

If you are looking to hire a youth motivational speaker, here are some tips to help you find the right fit:

Define your goals

Before you begin your search, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you hope to achieve by hiring a youth motivational speaker. Are you looking to inspire students to set and achieve their goals, encourage them to be more resilient, or help them develop leadership skills? Having a clear understanding of your goals will help you find a speaker who can deliver a message that resonates with your audience. specializes in resilience education for social aggression (commonly called “bullying”).

Look for experience

When evaluating potential speakers, look for individuals who have experience working with youth audiences. Youth motivational speakers who have a background in education or youth development may be particularly effective, as they will have a strong understanding of the challenges and needs of young people.

Our youth motivational speakers at are all award-winning and have over a decade of experience working on the front lines with students. Each speaker presents a message that is research-based, psychologically-sound, and tested in front of thousands of students. Together our speakers have reached over 3 million people in-person and over 300 million online.

Consider style and approach

Different speakers will have different styles and approaches to delivering their message. Some speakers may rely heavily on humor, while others may take a more serious approach. Consider the style and approach that will resonate best with your audience and choose a speaker who can deliver that message effectively.

You’ll find that each of our Bullying Speakers has a special superpower. Whether it’s rocking guitar solos, illusions, or comedy – it’s easy to find a communicator that will connect with your students.

Check for Testimonials & References

Before making a final decision, check out feedback from the speaker’s past clients. ask potential speakers for references from other schools or organizations where they have spoken. This will give you a sense of their effectiveness. can provide dozens of testimonials from past clients. In fact, schools that we’ve worked with are often eager to share their success.

Discuss logistics and fees

Once you have identified a potential speaker, be sure to discuss logistics such as travel, accommodations, and any technical requirements they may have. It’s also important to discuss fees upfront to ensure that they fit within your budget.

Our pricing at Bullying Speakers is all-inclusive, meaning that one flat rate covers everything (travel, lodging, meals). If hosting a speaker in-person is beyond your budget, sign up for a tour or consider a virtual or on-demand assembly. You’ll receive the same powerful message for a fraction of the cost.

Be prepared for follow-up

Hiring a youth motivational speaker is just the beginning. Be prepared to follow up with students and teachers after the presentation to reinforce the message and help students put what they learned into practice.

All Bullying Speakers packages include follow-up materials with all presentations. Like you, we know that consistency is the key to behavioral change and that the best way to increase impact is through reinforcing the message.

Ask about Comprehensive Programming

A one-and-done event is rarely effective. Ask the speaker if they have curriculum available, additional materials, or workshops that can help reinforce the message.

We offer the SQUABBLES® TV Curriculum, school-wide Resilience Testing, and Aggression Assessments, as an additional add-on as well. In addition, our speakers are able to offer more customized workshops, tailored to your goals.

By following these tips, you can find a youth motivational speaker who will engage and inspire your audience.