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Youth Motivational Speaker Makes it Fun to Build Emotional Resilience

Music, magic, and gut-busting comedy grabs the attention of students attending a school assembly by youth motivational speaker Jeff Veley.  For over a decade, Jeff has mixed entertainment with education and a powerful message on taking control of your mental health.  Still, Jeff is not just another school assembly entertainer.  His work has been recognized with two international awards and the earned him the title of a Peace Ambassador, honored by the United Nations.

According to Veley, the best thing educators can do is to help students build their emotional resilience and coping skills.  “COVID taught us that we can adapt, we can persevere, and that we’re often stronger than we think.  My job is to help students and grownups harness and grow this mindset.”, says Veley.  


Back-to-School Stressors

As students return to school this fall, many are nervous about entering the classroom again, after the pandemic.  School leaders say that falling behind in academics and feeling socially disconnected.  Some kids and teens have become more isolated and struggle with social skills.  This can make it difficult to seek help or positively engage with peers. 

Adults face some of the same challenges.  The transition back to school is also a change for teachers, who have taught remotely and even parents.  A number of parents are either working from home or have had to change jobs.  Others remain unemployed.  All of this adds to stress and mental health concerns, says Veley.

Schools Increase Mental Health Programming

As schools prepare for this fall, many are spending additional time on social and emotional learning.  Several have turned to Veley’s engaging presentations and curriculum to make learning these skills a fun experience.  His resources offer weekly lessons, on-demand videos, and games for use at-home and in the classroom.  

Glendive Public Schools superintendent, Stephen Schreibeis had this to say about hosting Veley.  “If you want to give students and staff real life skills that they can use to be successful, this is the training for you.”  Schreibeis has based their district’s strategy around social and emotional learning around Jeff’s approach, due to the effectiveness he’s seen as both a teacher and an administrator.  “Everything that Jeff teaches and models will not only help for what is happening now in their lives, but also will be skills they will use the rest of their lives,” says Schreibeis.


National School Assembly Tour Cities

Bring the Tour to Your School

Jeff’s national tour is visiting numerous cities across America this fall.  You can request a presentation, if the tour is visiting your city  Jeff offers school assembly programs (reaching grades 1-12), professional development training for educators, workshops for parents, and an evening family night program.

You can also contact Jeff’s office to schedule a visit in winter or spring of 2022.

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