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School Culture and Commitment

The Impact of Commitment and Consistency in Education

Being Committed to the Right Thing

Consistency is the key to behavioral change.  Consistency with the right things will help you succeed.  Consistency with the wrong thing – obviously is bad.  Many schools fall victim to the “Shiny Star Syndrome”.  This means that you’re constantly adding new programs, curriculum, initiatives, and procedures.  While this can be exciting, often implementation suffers, meaning little consistency.  Before mastering something, staff are usually introduced to another new thing. 

Effective or Comfortable?

Are your programs effective or are they just comfortable?  Taking your favorite curriculum or initiative behind the barn and “shooting it” is tough.  Many schools get caught up doing the same thing because “we’ve always done it this way”.  Forget tradition, stick with what works and regularly test the effectiveness of what you’re using.  Sometimes things feel good in the moment but don’t make a lasting impact.