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Virtual School Assemblies Help Students Overcome Challenges

Youth Motivational Speaker Teaches Students Resiliency and Coping Skills

New Challenges for Students

It’s no surprise that 2020 has been a tough year for all of us. But when it comes to students who are having their school years disrupted due to COVID-19, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and unfair. Take everything that the reformative school years bring with it: getting used to leaving mom and dad, hormones, new friends, insecurities, peer pressure and so on and add a global pandemic on top of it and it’s easy to see why students need a little extra support this year.

Helping Students Overcome Adversity

The best way to help students is to teach ways to cope with and ultimately overcome adversity.  These skills can be used both inside and outside of the classroom.  Using creative methods, grownups can help kids grow in emotional resilience and social and emotional learning.

Virtual School Assemblies

Youth Speaker Cameras ZOOM Screens

Jeff Veley is an expert and empowering youth and building their resilience.  Over the last 10 years, he has taught over1 million kids and grownups how to face adversity, resolve conflicts, and overcome obstacles. He’s a popular youth motivational speaker, known for his ability to engage all ages – through fun and inspiring assemblies and training.  It’s never too early to teach kids these valuable skills which is why Jeff offers his assemblies for all grades, as well as adults.

COVID-19 is a new, but not impossible challenge. Jeff will teach your students important coping skills, how to overcome adversity and much more through engaging methods like inspiring stories, music, magic and interactive games. All of this will be delivered from a professional broadcast studio with high-end cameras, microphones, lighting and the latest technology.

Motivational Message. Transformational Skills

New this year, Jeff will share a new message on civility, coping skills and emotional resilience. Jeff is committed to showing students and faculty and staff how to leverage this year’s adversity for psychological growth.

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There is no better time than this year to have Jeff virtually visit your school to inspire and encourage your students.  Through his virtual school assembly he will teach them lessons they will have with them for life.

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Social & Emotional Learning without the Planning

Plug and Play Lessons for On-Campus & At-Home Learning

.When you consider all of the challenges this school year, teachers and counselors are in need of simple ways to engage students.  During COVID-19 it’s especially important that we teach social and emotional learning skills along with resilience education.  Still, it can be difficult to find curriculum that works both at-home and in the classroom.

As a social skills educator myself, I know how important it is to have engaging curriculum that’s EASY to facilitate. 
Imagine pre-made lesson plans and professional content where you can simply push “Play” and then have a class discussion.  Below are options for schools that are seeking fun new ways to teach SEL (without adding to planning time).

SQUABBLES SEL Curriculum Cover


Your Game Plan for Aggression

Golden Rule Ambassadors SEL Curriculum Cover

Golden Rule Ambassadors

Student Leadership & Campus Culture