Host a speaker without the travel costs

As a youth motivational speaker, reaching students and grownups during the Coronavirus has been a challenge.  While I’d normally be traveling the country with my bullying prevention tour, the quarantine has forced me to get creative in how I reach schools.  Thankfully, through technology, I’ve been able to livestream social and emotional learning lessons for school districts.

Partnering with Glendive Public Schools in Montana, my first broadcasts offered training for both parents and educators.  We focused on offering an online curriculum that parents could immediately access and use with their students.  Soon after, live interactive shows focused on addressing mental health challenges and building emotional resilience.  Overall, ten live broadcasts will reach staff members and families throughout the school district.  These videos and resources will be available on an ongoing basis.

One thing we’ve focused on repeatedly is how to help students manage emotions.  It’s important to gain perspective on our problems.  When we do, we realize that although life may be hard, things could be worse.  Additionally, it helps us realize that struggles often build our emotional resilience and can even turn out for our good.

Finding Hope During COVID-19

A social and emotional learning video which challenges viewers to ask “How could this be a good thing?”