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My co-authors and I are thrilled to announced that SQUABBLES® is now available for schools, families, and private practitioners.  We’ve worked hard to game-i-fy bullying prevention, social and emotional learning, and conflict resolution.  Through our curriculum and training programs, both students and grownups will be empowered with a playful approach to a painful problem.  Learn how to squash squabbles before they cause drama or trauma.


Take a deeper look inside the SQUABBLES program.

Reduce aggression and build emotionally resilient kids. 

The Meanness Matrix

Your students will learn how to give up the unhelpful word “bullying” and use specific words to describe the unwanted behavior. This step alone curbs the vast majority of issues between parents and educators.

The Emoji Meter

Your students will learn how to regulate their emotions by answering three strategic questions that will help them change their perspective of the unwanted behavior.

The Aggression Trifecta

Your students will learn how to quickly and effortlessly identify WHY someone is being mean to them and HOW to stop the mean behavior before it escalates.

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