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National Tour Brings Bullying Prevention Message to Schools

Stop Bullying.  Build Resilience.

The “Love Changes It All Tour” will visit schools across the country this fall in an effort to help schools stop bullying through building resilience.

The effort is led by national social skills educator Jeff Veley who produces the tour and serves as it’s speaker.  Each year, Veley travels from coast to coast empowering students, parents, and educators through his high-impact social and emotional learning presentations.  His goal is to help students develop skills to combat mean behavior so that they no longer feel like victims.

So far, Jeff’s message has reached over 1 million people.  This year, he is expanding his efforts and training opportunities, offered to both schools and parents. 

Preview the School Assembly Program

Behind The Scenes of Jeff’s National Tour

Safety Harbor, FL – Aug 1  (FILMING)
Orlando, FL – Aug 6 (SOLD OUT)
Grand Rapids, MI – Aug 7-13 (SOLD OUT)
Glendive, MT – Aug 19-20 (SOLD OUT)
Billings, MT – Aug 21
Orlando, FL – Aug 28-30
San Antonio, TX Aug 30 – Sept 3

Longview, TX – Sept 6 (SOLD OUT)
Shreveport, LA – Sept 7
Dallas/Ft Worth – Sept 9-10
Buffalo, NY – Sept 12-13
Flint, MI – Sept 17-20
Portland, OR – Sept 23
Vancouver, WA – September 24 (SOLD OUT)
Dallas, TX – Sept 29-Oct 5 (SOLD OUT)

Hudsonville, MI – Oct 7 (SOLD OUT)
Grand Rapids, MI – Oct 8-11 
Kansas City, MO – Oct 14
Grant City, MO – Oct 15 (SOLD OUT)
Glendive, MT – Oct 21-23
Shelby, MT – Oct 29 (SOLD OUT)

Denver, CO – Nov 4-5 (SOLD OUT)
Colorado Springs, CO – Nov 6-8 (SOLD OUT)
Frisco, TX – Nov 11-15 (SOLD OUT)
Jacksonville, FL – Nov 18-19


Frequently Asked Questions
An Interview with Bullying Prevention Specialist Jeff Veley

Q:  What ages do you speak to?
A:  All ages, grades 2-12 and adults (parents, educators).  My three-pronged approach gets kids, parents, and school staff on the same page while providing professional training and resources.  Learn more.

Q: What makes your anti-bullying program stand out among others?
A:  I don’t have an anti-bullying program.  Educators have seen these fail over an over.  Instead, I teach students and adults how to respond to mean behavior, before it causes drama or trauma. 

It’s a psychological approach to social aggression focused on empowering youth through social and emotional learning along with resilience education.  Using this, they feel empowered to quickly solve squabbles.  The message has won two international awards and was recognized by the U.N. for effectiveness in conflict resolution. 

Q:  What is the cost?
A:  It really depends on the number of presentations and the amount of post-presentation support that you choose.  We have a flat day rate anywhere in the United States (which includes travel and basic follow-up resources).  Other schools work with us all year long or multiple years in a row using our Yearly SEL Framework

If the tour is visiting your city, we pay for all travel and pass on the savings to local schools.  Simply reach out to learn more and receive funding resources.

Q:  Do you include follow-up materials?
A:  Yes, we include follow-up materials with every presentation.  Schools and parents have access to these all year long.  Here are some of our follow-up packages.  

Q:  How can I host Jeff and the tour?
A:  Simply contact us.  We’d love to learn more about your goals and answer any questions that you have.