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$260 Million Slated for 2020 Education Budget

School administrators and counselors are cheering after a vote to increase funding for social and emotional learning.  As mental health needs grow among students, schools have been desperate for resources to train staff and provide support for students. 

Karen Niemi, President and CEO of CASEL (The Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning) shared her joy regarding the vote.  “Today’s vote is an important milestone for the field. It reflects growing recognition about the value of SEL in promoting students’ overall well-being and success—academically, socially, and emotionally,” said Niemi.  “The research is clear: SEL works. Educators, parents, students, and employers all want more of it. With today’s vote, policymakers join them.” 

The new funding focuses on four key areas…
1. A new grant program to research students’ SEL needs ($170 million)
2. Teacher professional development ($25 million)
3. A competitive grant to help school districts increase the number of mental health professionals in schools ($25 million)
4. Support for community schools ($40 million)

As leaders in SEL programming, my team and I have successfully helped school districts draft and implement multi-year social and emotional learning plans.  They feature our dynamic student presentations, training for staff/parents, and our unique CPBI framework.
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