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For ten years, artist Pamela Alderman has entered ArtPrize, the largest international art competition, based in Grand Rapids, MI.  This year, Alderman is using butterflies to foster healing discussions around the topics of bullying and school shootings in her piece “Broken Wings”.  Known for her interactive art pieces, Alderman and her team of volunteers offer ArtPrize attendees with a unique participatory experience.

Several years ago, Pamela and I met and started a conversation around bullying and the Golden Rule.  We quickly started to fire off ideas around her ArtPrize 2016 piece.  There was a strong desire to partner again and empower those dealing with bullying.  This year for ArtPrize 10, we’ve come together to create a video series which helps empower both kids and grown ups.  Check out the videos below.  We hope that they encourage you to start your own “butterfly effect” of kindness and grow “resilient wings” when dealing with unkind behavior.  Broken Wings is located at the Grand Rapids Public Museum in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

Broken Wings Video Series

with Pamela Alderman & Jeff Veley